Wondering what items we accept? Here are a few ideas!


Not Accepted




(e.g. entertainment, scrapbooks, religious, historical, or political texts)


-Video games and consoles






-Clothing (e.g. wedding dresses)

-Documents (e.g. wills, trusts, estates, passports, visas, deeds, and contracts)

-Paintings, sculptures and other art


-Medications (over the counter or otherwise as our facility is climate controlled)


-Collectable swords and knives


-Intoxicating liquors (i.e. wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages that are SEALED)


-Perfumes that are SEALED


-Cigarettes, e-cigarettes cigars and vapes


-Actions figures


-And much more!

-Weapons (e.g. firearms, ammunitions or explosives)

-Controlled substances and drugs

-Stolen items

-Illegal items


-Items containing lithiom ion batteries

-Aerosols or flammable items

-Toxic or hazardous items


-Acids or chemicals (hazardous or otherwise)

-Pressurized items (empty or otherwise)

-Perishable items


-Fuel of any kind

-Anything living or deceased


-Open alcohol/liquor containers




-Biohazardous materials of any kind (e.g. blood, urine and other bodily fluids)


-Odor producing materials


-Pornography of any kind

We take many more items! If you are not sure whether or not your item would be accepted, please Contact Us with a brief description of your item(s). We reserve the right to deny any item(s) for any reason, at anytime. Any unaccepted items will be promptly returned and you will be charged a processing fee.