Your possessions. Protected and preserved.



For as low as $17 per month, we store your precious items in our ultra durable, time capsules for a pre-selected amount of time. Monitored and insured, you know that your capsules will always be returned safe to you or your chosen beneficiary.

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Your Time Capsules private secure facility of insured, 24/7 monitored, fire and water proof vaults that allows you to send in whatever items you wish and designate a time for them to be retrieved. When this time ends, or before upon your request, your items are returned to you or to a pre-selected recipient or inheritor as desired. Anyone could use a Time Capsule, from individuals with heirlooms, collections, memorabilia and other valuables to businesses with legal documents they want to stow away. Someone who just drafted their will and/or are looking to safe guard prized possessions to be forwarded to the appropriate recipient in the future can do just that! All items are fully insured up to $100,000 to ensure your items are safe with YTC.

Our Capsules are fire and water proof to ensure maximum security

Capsules are kept at a limited access, climate controlled and undisclosed facility





Your Capsule will be monitored by non-stop surveillance


Bonded up to $100,000!

Additional insurance available upon request



Step 1

Visit the shop via the dropdown menu and select the size capsule that best suits your needs

Step 2

Choose the number of decades you want it secured for

Step 3

Create an account with us

Step 4

Check out

Step 5

prepare your items while we send you a shipping box and further instructions/information

Step 6

send us your items and we will safeguard them for the pre-seleced amount of time (unless extended)

Step 7

When the term ends, or before upon request, your items are sent back to you or the choosen recipient

Avoid Conflicts

Return Insured

Extra Security

Leave capsules in your will without revealing the contents to avoid disputes among family members 

Your capsule items will always reach whom they were intended for. Unlike other storage methods that confiscate your belongings, we work to get your possessions where they need to be.

Keep items safe from thieves, fires, floods and other accidents.

There is no need to worry about misplacing your valuables